The testimonies are pouring in about how this book is helping people have more cash right away! I have testimonies from a grandmother with ADHD who is getting her GED; from a nurse; from the CFO of a credit union; and many more! What will your testimony be after you read your copy?

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Number of Books

In 2008, Jennifer shared some of the principles in her book with me. I didn't think I could save $400 every month, but with Jennifer's help, I've actually been saving more than that for more than two years!  ~ J. Reid

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Using what I learned in this book, I was able to create more than $1,000 each month! I’m using half to pay down debt and putting the other half toward buying a home. Jennifer made it pretty easy and I don’t need a second job!                                                 ~ R. Williams

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I loved your book! It's short and to the point, which is great because I'm not an avid reader. Everything in the book makes sense! Finally a book that actually does what it says it's going to do!                     ~ T. Jones

I've been following Jennifer for the last 5 years. She's a quiet powerhouse and she knocked it out the park with this book! The book is really simple and it helped me create more cash for my wife and our grandchildren.                                          ~ A. Brooks

Watch Jennifer as one of the guest experts on the PBS special Pursuit of the Dream: Building Credit for Life, which aired on Maryland Public Television (MPT). Click here to go to MPT's website.